The Archive Room

A permanent interactive exhibit, bringing to life the stories locked away in over 110 years of motoring artifacts.

Interactive Installation


Motion Designer
Interactive Projection Developer

October, 2021

Morgan Motor Company

An Interactive Installation:
Showcasing 110 years of British Automotive History

 Whether you’re a dedicated Morgan enthusiast revisiting your passion or a newcomer curious about the brand’s inception, each artifact takes center stage in well-lit displays, creating a genuine celebration of Morgan. Combining projection-mapped visuals with interactive physical artefacts, the room comes to life with the golden era of motoring. 

Forward Design Thinking

Beyond delving into history, the Design and Engineering section unveils Morgan’s evolution and its ongoing commitment to advancing design and engineering. The “Design your Morgan” segment provides templates, a drawing desk bathed in light, and pencils. This interactive experience not only imparts the fundamental principles of automotive design to both children and adults but also sparks inspiration for the future generation of car designers and engineers.

5 Star Result.

Visit for yourself and experience the stories contained within the automotive artifacts. The archive room is part of the Morgan Experience Centre and is open Monday – Friday.

Morgan Motor Company, Pickersleigh Road, Malvern Link